What we do

Provide Yield Solutions to Borrowers
and Investors

About Us

Medley is an alternative asset management firm offering yield solutions to retail and institutional investors. Medley’s national direct origination franchise is a premier provider of capital to the middle market in the U.S. Medley has over $5 billion of assets under management in two business development companies, Medley Capital Corporation (NYSE: MCC) (TASE: MCC) and Sierra Income Corporation, a credit interval fund, Sierra Total Return Fund (NASDAQ:SRNTX) and several private investment vehicles. Over the past 15 years, we have provided capital to over 400 companies across 35 industries in North America.(1)

Medley focuses on credit-related investment strategies, primarily originating senior secured loans to private middle market companies in the United States that have revenues between $50 million to $1 billion.

The Solution for Yield Seekers

Medley focuses on protecting investor capital while achieving strong risk-adjusted investment returns with low correlation to public debt and equity markets. We also seek additional upside via warrants and equity participation targeting situations that are generally underserved by traditional bank lenders. We work directly with borrowers to address their financing needs.

Benefits of Investing in Private Debt

  • Attractive Yield Opportunity
  • Downside Protection of Secured Loans
  • Strong Risk-Adjusted Investment Returns

An Essential Partner For Middle Market Companies

The middle market in the U.S. is comprised of over 39,000 potential borrowers accounting for approximately 40% of domestic GDP and approximately 40% of the domestic U.S. labor force. In this context, Medley is a critical partner helping power middle market growth domestically. We provide capital that allows these middle market borrowers to:
  • Refinance existing indebtedness
  • Make acquisitions
  • Invest in property, plant and equipment
  • Expand their sales
  • Hire more people
  • And much more